Hanshow Nebular: Revolutionizing Retail with Innovative Features and Design

Among the innovative technologies transforming the retail landscape, electronic shelf labels and digital price tags have garnered significant attention. For retailers, Hanshow Technology’s cutting-edge electronic shelf label (ESL) solution, Hanshow Nebular, has proven to be revolutionary. Nebular is changing how retailers control pricing and improve the looks of their shelves while guaranteeing optimal operation in a range of temperature settings. It does this with its sophisticated features, elegant design, and 2021 iF Design Award victory.

7 Color LED for Route Mapping and Picking by Light

One of the standout features of Hanshow Nebular is its 7 color LED light flashing capabilities. This feature enables route mapping and picking by light, making inventory management and fulfillment processes more efficient. By using different colors, retailers can easily identify and locate products, reducing errors and improving productivity. This innovative feature demonstrates Nebular’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that optimize retail operations.

Sleek Appearance Redefining Shelf Aesthetics

With a thickness of only 7.8mm, Nebular boasts a sleek and minimalist design that elevates the aesthetic appeal of store shelves. The thin profile of the digital price labels seamlessly integrates with the overall store layout, enhancing the visual appeal and creating a modern and sophisticated shopping environment. Nebular’s sleek appearance aligns with the evolving expectations of consumers for visually appealing retail experiences.

Winner of the 2021 iF Design Award

Hanshow Nebular’s exceptional design and innovation have garnered industry recognition. In 2021, Nebular was honored with the prestigious iF Design Award. This esteemed accolade further validates the product’s superior design and its ability to revolutionize the retail industry. The iF Design Award highlights Nebular’s commitment to excellence and its capacity to provide retailers with cutting-edge solutions that enhance both functionality and aesthetics.


Hanshow Nebular represents a significant leap forward in electronic shelf label technology. With its 7 color LED capabilities, sleek design, recognition from the iF Design Award, Nebular offers retailers a comprehensive solution for optimizing operations and enhancing the in-store experience. By embracing Nebular, retailers can streamline inventory management, create visually appealing store shelves, and ensure reliable performance in any temperature. Hanshow Nebular is setting new standards in the retail industry, empowering retailers to stay competitive in the digital era and meet the evolving expectations of their customers.

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