How To Choose Curtains For A Living Room In Dubai

How To Choose Curtains For A Living Room In Dubai?

Curtains are an important part of pulling everything together in living spaces. Do you want to make your living area the focal point for all of your guests? Then, it is preferable to select a curtain that speaks to you and your ideal living room design. 

To ensure that you understand how to choose Curtains for a Living Room in Dubai, we will break down the things you should consider. While curtains are a good choice for living rooms in Dubai, some people believe blinds are ideal. We’ll examine all sides of the curtain vs. blinds debate so you can make an informed decision for your living room.

How do you select curtains for your living room?

There is no right or wrong way to select curtains for a living room in Dubai, but there are several considerations to consider. Here are five important considerations you should consider while choosing the best curtains for living rooms.

How to select curtains for a living room:


Accurately measuring your windows is an important element when picking drapes for a living room. Make sure you purchase the correct width and height for your windows, including the trim or molding. The more accurate your measurements are, the easier it will be to select the appropriate curtain sizes.

Incorrect curtain sizes can severely ruin the theme and design of your living space. As a result, correct measurements are required while selecting curtains for Dubai residences. Read this article to find out how to measure windows for curtains.


Never shop for curtains for a living room in Dubai without first determining or setting a budget. There are numerous possibilities for living room curtains in Dubai, and a set budget might help you narrow down your options. With a budget, you can strike a balance between price and quality to get the best Dubai curtains for living rooms. 

Theme and purpose:

When it comes to choosing living room curtains in Dubai, you must consider the theme and purpose of your curtains. Do you intend to be formal? Elegant? Casual? Or, is it wild and fun? Answer this question to find out what type of living room curtains are suitable for your property. Let us either complement or contrast your furnishings and curtains. 

Fabric options:

Along with the concept, you should think about curtain textiles. Different ones have unique qualities that can substantially improve your living room. It can give your living room a dynamic style and feel, ranging from sheer to voile to organza to blackout. Some of these materials, such as sheer and blackout, allow for increased or decreased light filtering, which can improve seclusion in the living area. Consider the direction your living room faces, and use this knowledge to determine whether you need more or less light. This will help you pick which fabric is best for your living room curtains. 

Colors and patterns:

When selecting curtains for your living room in Dubai, color and pattern are highly significant. Indeed, this factor ranks alongside cost, size, and theme. You can either complement or contrast the existing design in your living room. If you already have vivid colors and patterns in your home, you may go even bolder with curtains. Alternatively, choose something light to create contrast and make the room stand out more.

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Curtains vs Blinds in living rooms:

Most people in Dubai choose curtains for their living rooms, although there are some who prefer blinds. We’ll look at some variables to consider while choosing Curtains for Dubai living rooms. 

Design options:

Curtains provide a variety of design possibilities, such as fabrics, colors, patterns, and styles. You can use sheer curtains for a light and airy atmosphere or thicker drapes for a more formal appearance. Curtains also allow for personalization with tie-backs, valances, and ornate trim. Blinds, on the other hand, are available in a variety of materials, such as wood, aluminum, and fabric, giving them design freedom. You can choose your slat size, finish, and operating mechanism to match your living room design.


You can customize both blinds and curtains to fit the dimensions of your window. Curtains are normally available in standard lengths and widths. However, you can also adjust them to your exact measurements for a perfect fit. Blinds come in regular sizes as well as made-to-measure solutions for varied window dimensions. When choosing between curtains and blinds, consider the size and shape of the window to guarantee a snug and customized look.


Blinds and drapes in Dubai typically cost between AED 100 and AED 290 per window. Design, fabric choices, size, type, material, and personalization all have an impact on curtain costs. For example, office blinds can cost between AED 105 and AED 150 per square meter, whereas blackout roller blinds can cost between AED 200 and AED 400 per square meter. Customized curtains can cost between AED 500 and AED 1500 per window, while motorized curtains cost between AED 1,000 and AED 3,000 per window. 


You’ll need rods to hang drapes. You can screw these rods into brackets above your window. This allows you to effortlessly alter the curtains based on the weather or decoration.

Begin by indicating the location where you want your blinds. Then install brackets above the window sill. Next, attach the top half of the blinds to the brackets. To make it appear neat, cover the top with a casing and secure the blinds. This keeps them from falling down.


Curtains and blinds require frequent care to stay in good condition. If your curtains are machine-washable, just remove them from their rods and wash them in the machine. Otherwise, you must follow the steps specified by the manufacturer or supplier. 

When it comes to blinds, you should examine the style you have installed. Different types of blinds necessitate different procedures. As a result, cleaning blinds may require more time than cleaning curtains. 


When you’re in Dubai, you’ll want to keep as much cool air as possible inside your home, and curtains make that easier. Certain textiles will allow your curtains to reflect harsh sunlight during the day, lowering your home’s temperature. At night, these textiles will let in more cool air from outside while filtering out less exterior light. 

Blinds cannot provide the insulation that curtains can. Their slat designs make it easier for warm air and harsh sunlight to enter your home. Blackout blinds can provide some insulation, but not much. 


Both curtains and blinds can provide privacy, but blinds are more effective. Most curtains do not allow for precise light control, so you will not have the seclusion you desire. Sheer curtains provide more external light but less seclusion, while blackout living room curtains do the opposite. 

However, blinds allow you to manage how much light enters your living area. 


To select curtains for a living room in Dubai, consider size, price, terms, fabrics, and colors or patterns. Looking at these variables allows you to more quickly limit your options. There are numerous possibilities for the best curtains in Dubai (BCD) for living rooms, so make things easier for yourself by following our recommendations. 

Aside from curtains, blinds are a good option based on the type of property you have and your tastes. In the long-running argument between curtains and blinds, we’ve compiled a list of factors that may aid you. Regardless of your preferences, we can provide you with the best solutions.


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