Yasmina’s skills that you need to try

Yasmina is an intelligent virtual assistant who recreates human communication. She understands different dialects, cultural backgrounds, local humor and speaks fluent Arabic and English. 

Yasmina is attentive to who asks her questions, differentiating between men, women and children to find the right content for each. 

She has many skills that will make everyday life easier and more interesting. Skills are special applications inside Yasmina that are responsible for each specific function. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones. 

Skills for everyday life

  • Alarm clock that you can simply set with your voice. Tell her the time and the song you’d like to wake up to. And if the alarm goes off when you are finishing your last nap, ask Yasmina to reschedule it for 10 minutes later. 
  • To keep track of a dish cooking in the oven or other important tasks, ask Yasmina to start a timer. It can be paused and then resumed. Multiple timers can be set simultaneously; Yasmina will remember them all
  • To gather ideas that come up during the day, ask Yasmina to create a shopping list. All lists can be saved within the app and accessed in the store.
  • To make sure you don’t miss a doctor’s appointment or an important meeting, use reminders. Just say, “Yasmina, remind me about the doctor’s appointment at 3:00 p.m. today. 
  • If you, just like Yasmina, are a master at making lists – use her task management skill to make sure you don’t forget your plans, calls and appointments. 

Music skills

  • Give song a like with the simple phrase “I like this song” and Yasmina will save it in your preferences, based on which it forms algorithms for further recommendations. 
  • The morning show is a great way to start your day bright. By customizing the morning show content, you will get the latest news, music or a short podcast. Yasmina will also compliment you and play music to make getting ready for a day more fun. 

Smart home and music for the whole family

Yasmina is a friend of smart home devices. In the app you can add various ZigBee and Wi-Fi enabled devices and create work scenarios such as setting up schedules, automated tasks or delayed commands. 

Your loved ones can also control your smart home while you’re away, such as turning on the lights, air conditioning or closing the curtains. Just send a link or share a QR code from the app with family members. Moreover, a multi-account will allow Yasmina to recognize loved ones by the sound of their voices and offer them personalized music content based on their preferences. 

Yasmina is an authentic assistant that supports religious scenarios. She knows all religious holidays, reminds you of prayer times and can be a voice converter of the Hijri calendar. 

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