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Tianlong PCR Solution: Gentier Mini+ 4 Channels Portable Real Time PCR System

Tianlong, a leading provider of in vitro diagnostic solutions, has developed the Gentier Mini+ 4 Channels Portable Real Time PCR System, an innovative portable real-time PCR system. This compact and lightweight device is specifically designed for mobile laboratories and on-site testing, offering exceptional performance and convenience. This blog will explore the remarkable features of Tianlong PCR and how it is transforming the field of nucleic acid analysis in limited space environments.

Unleashing portability and convenience

Tianlong’s Gentier Mini+ is a game-changer for laboratories facing limited space challenges. Its portable design allows for easy transportation and flexible placement in mobile laboratories. The compact and lightweight nature of the system not only saves valuable bench space but also eliminates the need for fluorescence calibration after relocation. This feature ensures hassle-free mobility and accelerates the setup process, making it an ideal solution for on-site testing and fragmented sample analysis.

Efficiency at its best

The Gentier Mini+ boasts impressive efficiency with its rapid scanning capabilities. Equipped with two fluorescence channels, the system can complete fluorescence scanning for all 16 wells within just 1 second. This remarkable speed significantly improves the workflow for lab professionals, enabling them to process samples quickly and analyze results promptly. The enhanced efficiency of Gentier Mini+ translates into faster turnaround times, allowing for swift decision-making and intervention in critical situations such as animal disease prevention, infectious disease control, food safety, and scientific research.

Versatility in control modes

Tianlong’s Gentier Mini+ offers versatile control modes to cater to different user preferences and laboratory setups. The system can be operated in standalone mode using its user-friendly 7-inch touch-screen interface, providing convenience and ease of use. Alternatively, it can be controlled through computer software, allowing for seamless integration with laboratory systems and processes. Additionally, remote control via a tablet is also supported, providing flexibility and accessibility in various laboratory environments.

Tianlong’s Gentier Mini+ is revolutionizing the field of portable real-time PCR solutions. Its portability, efficiency, versatile control modes and powerful software analysis capabilities make it an invaluable tool for mobile laboratories, on-site testing, and fragmented sample analysis. With Gentier Mini+, Tianlong continues to drive innovation in nucleic acid analysis, contributing to advancements in animal disease prevention, infectious disease control, food safety, scientific research, and other fields.


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