Reliable Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Manufacturer

NewStar: Your Reliable Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Manufacturer

Regarding sourcing reliable and durable hitch mount cargo carriers in bulk, NewStar is the go-to manufacturer for you. Their commitment to quality and functionality is evident in the Basket-style Folding Shank Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier NS-HCC03. Designed to cater to Amazon e-commerce sellers, brands, and offline hardware stores, NewStar offers a versatile solution that provides enhanced security, adaptability, and durability. With NewStar as your hitch mount cargo carrier manufacturer, you can meet the demands of your customers and ensure their items are transported safely.

Secure and Reliable: Basket-style Folding Shank Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier NS-HCC03

NewStar’s Basket-style Folding Shank Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier NS-HCC03 provides a secure and reliable solution for transporting cargo. With a weight capacity of 500 lbs, this cargo carrier ensures that your customers’ items are safely secured throughout their journey.

Enhanced Security for Hassle-free Travel

Featuring 6-inch high walls around the cargo basket, the NS-HCC03 offers enhanced security. These walls can be utilized to fasten a cargo net or cargo bag, keeping their items securely in place during travel. Say goodbye to worries about shifting cargo.

Adaptability and Ground Clearance with Folding Angled Shank

NewStar understands the need for adaptability and ground clearance. The folding feature of the angled shank allows the cargo carrier to be conveniently folded up when not in use, saving space and providing flexibility. The angled shank design also ensures additional ground clearance for smoother travel.

Easy Maintenance and Cleanliness

The NS-HCC03 frees up valuable cargo space inside your vehicle, keeping messy items outside. Its mesh base allows for easy clean-up of dirt or spills, ensuring a hassle-free maintenance experience.

NewStar – Your Trusted Hitch Mount Freight Carrier Manufacturer for Bulk Orders

NewStar is a reliable hitch mount freight carrier manufacturer. With their Basket-style Folding Shank Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier NS-HCC03, NewStar offers enhanced security, adaptability, easy maintenance, integrated safety features, and durable construction. By partnering with NewStar, you can confidently source their freight carriers on a hitch in bulk, ensuring you can meet customer demands and provide reliable and efficient transportation solutions.

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