Renew Emirates ID

How to Renew Emirates ID

Emirates ID, as the name implies, is an identification card issued to all UAE nationals and residents. The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) is the issuing authority of this card. It is a smart card, comprises a unique 15-digit number, carries an electronic chip, and bears all the essential information of the cardholder.

Renew Emirates ID

Why do you need the Emirates ID card?

Getting an Emirates ID card is mandatory, and every UAE resident must always carry it. It is a legal document that establishes your identity and status in the UAE. It contains all your essential information, including name, age, fingerprint biometrics, digital signature, and other information.

You will need one to get government jobs and some private jobs, travel within the GCC, pass through security and immigration gates, vote in the elections of the Federal National Council, open a bank account, access some restricted sites, how to check Emirates ID status and fines through websites or mobile apps.

Validity of the Emirates ID card

The Emirates ID card has an expiry date that varies from person to person. It will be different for a UAE national, a GCC national, and an immigrant. Usually, it is as follows;

  • For foreign citizens, on the validity and type of their visas

  • For UAE nationals, between 5-10 years

  • For GCC nationals, it is 5 years

Renewal of the Emirates ID card

Once your Emirates ID expires, you need to renew, and failing to do so invites a penalty of AED 20 per day that can go up to AED 1000. As the validity of the Emirates ID is rather long, you will receive an SMS from the ICP reminding you that your Emirates ID has expired and needs to be renewed.

The UAE nationals and residents have a grace period of 30 days before they apply to renew their ID cards. Once this period expires, the UAE nationals can apply for renewal within six months after the grace period. The expats have no such facility, and they must renew their IDs immediately after the expiration of the grace period.

The renewal process of Emirates ID card

The process of renewing the Emirates ID card is streamlined and straightforward. You can renew your Emirates ID through ICP’s website, ICP’s app, or the nearest accredited typing center.

The renewal process is similar to applying for a fresh ID card, meaning you need to submit the same set of documents again for renewal that you did to get the ID in the first place.

Documents needed for renewal of Emirates ID card

Let’s look at the different documents UAE residents need for their Emirates ID card renewal.

For non-nationals:

  • Original passport

  • Original valid residency or entry permit

  • Previous Emirates ID card

  • In the case of a new-born its picture with a white background, original birth certificate or father’s passport or Emirates ID and Popular Register ID

For GCC nationals:

  • Original passport

  • Original valid GCC valid card

  • Residency proof in the UAE

  • Previous Emirates ID

  • In the case of a new-born its picture with a white background, original birth certificate, or father’s passport or Emirates ID

For UAE nationals:

  • Original family book

  • Original passport

  • Previous Emirates ID

  • In the case of a new-born its picture with a white background, original birth certificate, or father’s passport or Emirates ID

In case of any change in the applicant’s status, the applicant must inform the authorities wholly and truthfully. The applicant must also furnish the required documents.

Submission of your renewal application

After submission of the required documents, you will receive a confirmation SMS that your application has been received. You may be asked to visit the nearest typing center. You will also receive an account number that you can use to check your Emirates ID status online.

And your new Emirates ID arrives

If all is well, you will receive the renewed Emirates ID within 5 days of submitting your application. And this is how you get your renewed Emirates ID.


Q: Is getting an Emirates ID and renewing it essential?

A: You are legally bound to get and renew the Emirates ID. Non-compliance may invite penalty, legal action, or both.

Q: What is the cost of renewal for my Emirates ID?

A: It depends on your residential status and the expiry period of your renewed card. Check ICP’s website for the latest information.

Q: How many types of Emirates ID cards are there?

A: There are Citizens ID cards for UAE nationals, GCC ID cards for GCC nationals, and Expat ID cards for the expatriate community.


Zaynah Amatullah

Author bio: Zaynah Amatullah, a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the UAE, is a distinguished authority on Emirates ID and visa processes. Having navigated the intricacies of UAE’s immigration system, Zaynah shares comprehensive insights through her expertise. As an invaluable resource, her knowledge becomes a guide for those seeking clarity on Emirates ID and visa intricacies in the UAE.

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